Minor building works

Hodgson Construction undertake all building works, large or small. We approach all jobs, from minor works to new builds, with the same meticulous attention to detail and commitment.

Our client interaction is just as thorough and minor works are structured the same as any other project. We have a dedicated minor works team that work closely with our clients to plan, execute and deliver their expectations.


Kitchens are often the central hub of any home, so at Hodgson Construction we understand that the space needs to be practical, long lasting and impressive.

We have teams with decades of experience in kitchen install and finishing carpentry so our clients have the confidence they will be delivered a quality space with a personal touch to add value to any home. We work hard during the planning and programming stage with suppliers and our client to ensure disruption is kept to a bare minimum and look at innovative ways try and keep utilities functional.


Bathrooms are an integral part of any home and a very personal space.

Our experienced teams work with our clients through planning to ensure works are completed efficiently, to a high quality standard that stand the test of time. All with minimal impact to day to day life.


Your time to relax. Bedrooms are a very personal space, Hodgson Construction understand this, and plan and prepare all of our works to ensure every detail is covered, from timescale to cost.

Whether it’s a minimalistic feel, or high end finish, our teams have the experience and know how to produce spaces tailor made to our clients’ needs. As with all our works, we aim to hand back a functional, detailed and high quality finish first time.